Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why Buy Manzanita Branches?

5 Excellent Reasons to Buy Manzanita Branches

1. Branch Arrangement:  The most striking element of the Manzanita branch is its unique, seemingly Artistic By Nature branch arrangement.  Each branch twists, turns, and forks into a multitude of tiny unique offshoots producing a miniature tree silhouette like appearance. This lends Manzanita branches to a wide variety of artistic and decorative uses.

Tops are often used as wedding centerpieces

2. Color and Grain: Second only to the unique branching mini tree or bonsai quality of the branches is the equally detailed wood grain that emerges when this hardwood tree is sandblasted. The bark is a deep burgundy red color alternating in brownish and orangish tones depending on season, type ect. When the grain is exposed by sanding or sandblasting most of the tree turns a light cream or tan color accented with streaks of darker grains. 

3. Strength and Durability: Manzanita is the 7th hardest hardwood making it an excellent choice for displaying objects and decor. With a Manzanita branch you typically have a wide variety of sturdy off-shooting branches to choose from when decorating the branch as a centerpiece. Many decorative branches can only be used a few times because they are fragile or semi perishable. Sandblasted and/or finished Manzanita branches can be used for long periods, or over and over again for years if properly taken care of.

4. Versatility and Adaptability: The Manzanita tree is not very big, the varieties typically used for furniture art and decor usually rang from 6 to 12 foot tall shrub like trees. Often times the tree root forms a burl (usable for all sorts of bizarre and amazing accent pieces. The trunk or trunks rather, usually fork at least once or twice within the first few feet of the tree. These give way to smaller multi-fold branches often used in the wood art and furniture. Finally the smallest networks of branches, twigs, and leaf bearing off-shoots are what are generally used for dry branch centerpieces and dry floral arrangements.

5. Limited Availability: Lending to the unique nature of Manzanita wood and the art and decor it is used for is the fact that it only grows in select micro-climates along the South and West Coastal and Mountainous of the United States Mexico. These biomes are localized and limited in scope making Manzanitas habitat likewise limited. In California many species are considered protected and some even highly endangered . Thus, the undo damaging or harvesting of which can result in hefty fines. savanna area

The limited availability of this amazing hardwood tree makes the artistic branch arrangements that can be enjoyed with its use all the more special. If you like this beautiful tree as much as we do come check out our new products at There is no better place to buy manzanita branches.

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