Sunday, August 29, 2010

Manzanita Centerpiece Height

Ok, its time to get schooled on manzanita centerpiece height. Here's the deal-leo with your height. First off, table dimensions are a big deal here because that will determine the ideal centerpiece size in more ways then one. Long rectangular tables call for smaller centerpieces then large round tables do. More importantly - the height of your table is what really determines the size of your centerpieces, more specifically the relative height of your chair seats and tabletops. Think about it...

One of the biggest concerns I hear from brides and wedding planners (notice grooms don't make the list) is that their centerpieces will be too low and block the line of vision between guests across the table. The most reliable way to avoid this and other problems is to purchase a couple samples from the company you wish to get branches from and try them out ahead of time at your venue. Unfortunately that is kind of a pain in the butt and isn't always an option if your venue is a remote or otherwise unaccessible location. (which is very often the case)

The next best thing to do is to have a tall person sit in one of your chairs and measure from the tabletop to their eye level. Add 15" to that and that is roughly minimum size you need. When in doubt buy a bit big because you can always trim down your branches but you cant "trim them bigger."

A good centerpiece branch is generally half or a third as wide or deep at the top as it is tall so a 28" branch might flare out 9 to 14"s of twigs and offshoots at the top. The stems should be about 4" to 6" long and they begin to gradually split and branch out from there. The first 12" to 15" of most branches 28" and over are not very...branchy and will not impede guests vision across the table. Also remember that in many cases you can change the size of the centerpieces by adjusting their height within the vase.

Most importantly 28" branches are about the size you can begin to rest easy - especially if your working with a rectangular table. With a round table - the 8 to 10 seaters popular for weddings and formal events, you might need to go 32" or larger, (I recommend 36" or 40") not for the sake of a clear line of site across the table, but more for the fact that a smaller branch will look small on a table like that. -That's not what we want.

I tried to cover everything without getting overly technical. I mean lets face it - its a branch not flux capacitor. If you enjoyed this post on manzanita centerpiece sizes then please subscribe. Centerpieces are kind of an odd little niche topic and here is one place you can learn alot about them. I'll be publishing a sizing diagram to our website shortly...

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